Webroot.com/safe - Download Webroot

Webroot is a fast, user-friendly, and competent antivirus program. It safeguards the device from cyber-attacks and has a shallow impact on system performance. It offers protection from not only traditional viruses but also emerging threats. Also, it has a centralized management console for ease and convenience. Moreover, Webroot deploys in minutes, and updates are deployed automatically. All things considered; it is a great antivirus solution. To protect your device with Webroot, visit www.webroot.com/safe.

Before you get started

  • Ensure that the device meets the minimum requirements.
  • Check out the license agreement at webroot.com/safe.
  • Ensure you have connected the device to the internet.
  • Use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  • Ensure you have the unique Webroot keycode.

The Webroot keycode refers to a string of 20 alphanumeric digits. It is either provided through an email or is located in the product package. The keycode carries details regarding the subscription. Those who have a multi-user license can make use of the same Webroot keycode for installing the product on 3 or 5 devices.

Why to choose Webroot?

Webroot.com/safe is popular due to the Intelligent threat detector and its browser filtering extension that provide freedom to the user’s surf freely. Well, another specialization of this security is that it uses very less space in your device that will not impact the device performance.

How to Download and Install Webroot?

Here are the instructions to help you download and install the software:

  1. In case you are using a CD for installation, then pop it into the DVD/CD drive.
  2. Wait for the installation prompt to open.
  3. Click on the Webroot download link (www.webroot.com/safe) given in the prompt.
  4. In case the installation prompt does not pop up automatically, go to the File Explorer, click on the CD drive, and run the installer from there.
  5. Those who do not have the installation disc need to go to webroot.com/safe.
  6. Download the Webroot file.
  7. Double-click on the downloaded file to fire up the installation procedure.
  8. In the Webroot installation prompt, you may be required to furnish the Webroot keycode.
  9. You can click on the Installation option button located below the Agree and Install option if you want. It will help tweak specific settings.
  10. Change the settings as per your preferences and requirements.
  11. Click on the Agree and Install button.
  12. When asked for confirmation, click on the Yes button.
  13. Type the email address in the Register Now window.
  14. To get special offers and newsletters, check on the box below the email address blank.
  15. If you want to see the Webroot Privacy Policy, check the box at the bottom left corner.
  16. If you wish, you can review the Webroot agreement. Simply click on the Webroot Solution Agreement option. Please go through it, and then go back to the previous page.
  17. Now, you need to click on the Agree and Continue button.
  18. You will see the Webroot icon on the taskbar.
  19. The first scan should now begin. The software should start scanning and configuring the app.
  20. Once it is over, the main UI shall open.
  21. Allow the scan to get over, and then click on the Start using SecureAnywhere option.

Activate Webroot com safe with Webroot Keycode

  1. Go to your Desktop Screen and look for Webroot Icon.
  2. Click on the Icon and Open Webroot.
  3. Look on the right top corner and click on Gear Icon.
  4. There you will get My Account option hit on it.
  5. It will one the box to put Webroot key code
  6. Enter Webroot keycode on this box and hit on Activate.
  7. Wait for 1 minute to complete the process.
  8. Congratulations Webroot is Activated Start using it.